Our body, Our swim

Encouraging swim communities to embrace themselves!

88% of swimmers say their swimwear affects how they feel when they’re swimming*

Zoggs want that feeling to be a positive one! That’s why we want to celebrate swimmers' bodies regardless of age, size, shape, ethnicity or ability; we set about connecting with an array of real women in our “Our Body, Our Swim” movement, and we are on a mission to support and connect with swimmers around the globe.

Let’s face it, ‘that’ walk to the pool can be unnerving. Those bits we normally keep covered are exposed and on display for all to see. Wearing swimwear that doesn’t give you that ‘feel-good’ boost, can make us hesitant about going for a swim. Zoggs are here to help guide you through finding a swimsuit that makes you feel great and look fantastic.

They caught up with eight amazing swimmers from their pool and open water community and asked them to share their experiences of their own body confidence when swimming and how the swimwear they wear affects their enjoyment of the water.


Hearing their stories inspires the Zoggs designers to continue to develop cossies with real women in mind. They're passionate about creating swimwear that makes swimmers look and feel amazing, which is why they create swimwear offering confidence-boosting features such as tummy control, strategically placed prints as well as different functional back styles and bust support - because every body should feel great and be celebrated in and out of the water!

We invite swimmers far and wide to join us in encouraging swimmers to embrace their swim bodies in Zoggs and be proud of being a woman in water and showing up for those who might need our encouragement.

So now we invite you...

Be part of the Our Body, Our Swim social ripple effect by celebrating what you love most about your swim body using #MyBodyMySwim and encourage a friend to share theirs.

Because any body can be a swimmer, and that is what’s so powerful about the sport we love.

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*research conducted by Zoggs UK swimwear survey 2022

Proud to be working in partnership with Zoggs UK