Pre-school Activities

What exactly do we have to offer and why is it beneficial?

Our centres provide a community hub for members of any age. We take pride in being able to offer activities, classes, and amenities for everyone in the community that is looking to keep active and social. Whilst we wouldn’t be able to choose a favourite customer, one of our most treasured is pre-school children who are just getting to grips with the world around them.

There isn’t much more rewarding than seeing a child swim for the first time or create social bonds with children of the same age in one of our child-friendly sessions. But what exactly do we have to offer them and why is it beneficial?

Physical and mental development

Exercise is just as (if not more) important for young children as it is for adults. Encouraging your child to move more promotes better posture and balance, healthy growth and body composition as well as building stronger bones, muscles, and heart.

As your little humans explore our different activities and their physical capabilities, the brain is also developed. Motor skills, concentration and thinking are all deployed as children make sense of the world around them.

Opportunity to socialise

Change in environment is healthy for young children who are exposed to other children of the same age. It provides an opportunity for their social skills to be employed in different contexts; from learning how to work together as a team, share toys, play games, and make discoveries together. As well as learning from those around them and creating social bonds.

Socialising amongst children of a similar age within an active environment also promotes a positive association between fitness and fun – contributing towards a healthy approach to socialising and overall healthy lifestyle.

Combining fitness with fun!

One of the most important but often underrated benefits to bringing your children to our centres is the chance to have fun whilst being active. Children can often fall victim to boredom because of routine – bring them to one of our sessions where no two days are the same. As they learn and play, they will grow up associating fitness with fun. The perfect attitude to have in order to grow up with healthy habits.

Every one of the activities we have on offer across our centres are beneficial in the ways mentioned above. Soft Play and Active Play & Bounce are just two examples of activities made for young children that allow them to understand and navigate the world of different shapes, sizes, colours and textures all whilst having fun with their peers.

Family Swim sessions allow children to get to understand the physics of movement within the water, developing mobility and learning how to swim - a physical skill that we deem essential - all whilst keeping them happy and active. Read more about the benefits of swimming and how it provides a great combination for your little ones once they start in the classroom.

Our top pick for physical development: Family Swim, Pre-School Gymnastics

Our top pick for mental development: Swimming Lessons

Our top pick for social development: Soft Play, Active Play & Bounce

Simply Find a Centre and see what we have on offer. Facilities and activities vary per centre.

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