Perfect afterschool activities

for the little people in your life

Keep the kids active and healthy with Gymnastics and Trampolining lessons!

‘Afterschool’ – universally defined as that two-to-three-hour chunk of time after school finishes and before tea, homework and bed. Every parent and carer wants what’s best for the little people – but, what’s a perfect activity that not only fills that gap of time but also entertains, enriches, promotes socialisation, boosts health and confidence, plus fits into the family schedule? A long list of ‘must haves’ but guess what? We have the answer with our Gymnastics and Trampolining afterschool courses!

So, what makes our Gymnastics and Trampolining courses perfect afterschool activities?

For starters, the NHS currently recommends that in order for children aged 5-18 to ‘keep healthy’ – they should aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of activity a day, with a variety of types and intensities to develop movement skills, muscles and bones.

Our highly motivational and structured Gymnastics and Trampolining lessons will not only help your child build strong and healthy muscles and bones, but increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and body strength as well as discipline, self-esteem, and social skills.

In addition, they’ll be smashing those activity goals (whilst nudging them away from their devices!) and, they’ll be setting the foundations for a healthy and active lifestyle that will pay dividends throughout their lives.

Beyond the physical benefits – Gymnastics and Trampolining courses help children make new friends outside of school which increases their social circle and helps build additional social skills. The courses are also designed to gently encourage self-discipline and, as levels are achieved, self-esteem and confidence also greatly increase – all good for mental health!

And, if all of the above isn’t enough – these wonderful afterschool activities create a bank of positive, happy memories that they can turn back to and remember throughout their lives.

For the parents and carers, our courses are available at a range times and days* and we have easy-pay monthly plans so you can join at any time.

Nicola La Niece-Linton, Gymnastics Manager, notes, “Our Gymnastics and Trampolining lessons are some of our most popular afterschool activities. And, they’re popular for a reason – kids love them, and parents and carers do too. Our programmes are based around fun activities that help develop core physical skills that can translate across many sports and future activities. We don’t require any specialist clothing or equipment and all sessions are designed to be inclusive. We want the children to have fun and enjoy being active.”

So, ready to enrol your little people in the perfect afterschool activities? Simply complete our enquiry form.

*Please note, activity dates and times vary by location. Please contact your local centre for details.

Centres offering Gymnastics lessons
  • Alfreton Leisure Centre
  • Brackenbury Sports Centre
  • Dover District Leisure Centre
  • Elmbridge Xcel
  • Fairfield Leisure
  • Graves Health & Sports Centre (pre-school only)
  • Malden Centre
  • Maltby Leisure Centre
  • Places Leisure Camberley
  • Places Leisure Eastleigh
  • Rotherham Leisure Complex
  • The Dolphin
  • The Triangle
  • Wyre Forest Leisure Centre
Centres offering Trampolining lessons
  • Alfreton Leisure Centre
  • Billingshurst Leisure Centre
  • Brackenbury Sports Centre
  • Court Garden Leisure Complex
  • Elmbridge Xcel
  • Ferndown Leisure Centre
  • Gosport Leisure Centre
  • Graves Health & Sports Centre
  • Kings Centre
  • Maltby Leisure Centre
  • The Dolphin
  • The Triangle
  • Tolworth Recreation Centre
  • Wycombe Leisure Centre
  • Wyre Forest Leisure Centre

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