12 Days of Workouts

Some fitness inspiration this December for you

Our energy levels tend to decrease in the winter months, sometimes the last thing you want to do is go outside in the cold!

Lower motivation and finding time in between all the festive fun can also make it trickier to plan when and how you’re going to exercise.

On the other hand, maybe you’re bored of your current routine and want some new ideas to try out?

That’s why we’ve created a simple plan of varied workouts to help you maintain your fitness levels, keep the happy hormones going, and enable you to stay active while celebrating the festive season!

Don’t worry if some of these exercises are new to you, demonstrations for any moves you’re unsure of can be found on our Places Tracker app (formerly Places Locker). Just head to the My Movement section, click ‘Do it yourself’ and type in the exercise you’d like to be shown.

Day 1 – Biceps & triceps

Let’s begin! Grab some dumbbells and aim to complete three sets of 8-10 reps of each exercise.

If you’re able to perform these reps at ease with your chosen weight, then try using a heavier set of dumbbells. If you’re not able to complete them, then you should choose a lighter weight. With the correct weight, only the last couple of reps of any set should feel challenging.

Bicep curls | Hammer curls | Lateral raises | Tricep kick back | Dumbbell flyes

Day 2 – Full body

Now to work the whole body…head down to the gym at your local Places Leisure centre to do 8-10 reps of each exercise for three sets! Like arm day, you can use dumbbells for this too.

Squat | Shoulder press | Burpees | Sit ups | Reverse lunges

Two Column Barbell

Day 3 – Rest day

Whatever your level of fitness, rest and recovery are crucial. You can still be active on these days, but try to stick to low impact exercise, such as walking.

Day 4 – Swimming

We’re back! A good way to ease yourself back in could be an activity like swimming as it’s gentle on the joints. The warmth of the pool is also a bonus!

Day 5 – Legs and abs

Targeting specific muscle groups helps increase muscle mass, density, and endurance, so today we’ll focus on legs and abs.

Leg press – 10-12 reps for three sets | Mountain climbers – 30 seconds for three sets | Glute bridge - 10-12 reps for three sets | Plank – 30 seconds for three sets | Split squats – 8 – 10 reps on each leg for three sets

Swimming butterfly stroke

Day 6 – Fitness class

Group Cycling, BODYBALANCE, Legs, Bums and Tums, or even Pilates – variety is key to sticking to an exercise routine. Try one of our fitness classes to keep things interesting! Check out your local centre’s timetable here and get booked in.

Day 7 – Rest day

Ease tension and help your tired muscles recover by doing some light exercises such as foam rolling or stretching. Never underestimate the goodness of relaxation!

Day 8 – Outdoor activity

Let’s switch things up a little by getting some fresh air for today’s workout. It may come as a surprise, but working out in the cold has numerous benefits for our health, such as improved lung function, a reduced risk of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and increased calorie burn.

Get your steps in, go for a bike ride, or join a friend for a run!

Two Column Group Cycling Classes

Day 9 – Circuit training

Let’s head to the gym again, this time for some circuit training, which involves a rounds of different exercises that focus on different muscle groups.

Try to complete each exercise for 45 seconds, with a 15 second break, for three rounds:

Jump squats | Push ups | Wall sits | Rowing | Kettlebell swings

Day 10 – Rest day

For those celebrating this season, this rest day could be a great chance to stroll around and shop for presents or curl up and watch some of your favourite festive films!

Day 11 – Virtual fitness class

Who says you can’t squeeze in a workout at home?

We have a range of virtual classes which are led by our own instructors available via the Virtual Studio on our app, Places Tracker (formerly Places Locker). These can also come in handy when you’re short on time amongst the festive fun, and for when our centres close early between Christmas and the new year!

Day 12 – It’s up to you!

Hopefully you’re into the swing of things now and have enjoyed the range of workouts you can experiment with.

If you want more workout inspiration, the Virtual Studio on Places Tracker grants you access to over 130 workouts and enables you to build your own programme. It also features pre-made programmes for you to pick from.

We know it can be daunting to try new workouts, so we hope that this plan gives you the confidence to get going and give your fitness levels a boost!

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