Benefits of swimming

Reasons to get in the water

Swimming is an excellent sport that works not just the body… but also the mind! From splashing around as a little one in the pool to keeping the joints moving into later life, swimming is a versatile exercise that can be adapted to suit the swimmers’ goals and ability. Whilst for some, it can be hard at first to build up the confidence to get into the water, the benefits cannot be understated…

Swimming for physical health

For those looking to improve elements of their physical health, swimming is a great way to do so for so many reasons.

  • It works everything! – Swimming is a total body workout so whilst it can help burn calories and lose weight it can also improve flexibility, core strength and overall stamina
  • It’s good for the heart – swimming regularly can help reduce the risk of serious illness such as heart disease and can also lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • It can be taken at your own pace – for those with physical ailments or injury you can take it as gently or as intense as you need to meet your needs
  • Gentle on the joints – for those who may suffer with joint pain caused by conditions such as arthritis, the water supports your weight whilst helping build up the muscles

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Before you start, it’s also worth noting that if you experience any health conditions it is best to consult your doctor before starting swimming.

Benefits for mental health

As well as the physical health benefits, swimming can also help support our mental wellbeing too. You will often hear people say ‘swimming help clears my head’ which for a lot of people, is true – it provides a relaxing experience and gives focus, it can also help by…

  • Releasing ‘feel good’ hormones – swimming releases endorphins into the brain. Like most exercise, this makes us feel good, but swimming does so in a gentle and relaxing way which is why it is many peoples exercise of choice
  • Soothing for the mind – the sound, the rhythmic movements and the weightless feeling of being in water can be meditative, reducing stress levels
  • Boosting brain health – given the focus and concentration required, swimming helps improve mental clarity and cognitive ability.
  • Combatting loneliness – swimming in a session with others offers an opportunity to socialise and can be a way to meet likeminded friends.

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It’s a life-saving and essential skill!

In addition to both the mental and physical benefits, swimming is a lifesaving and essential skill with a wealth of transferrable benefits:

  • It could save your life – should you ever need to, knowing how to swim could be a life saver (literally!) in a potentially dangerous situation
  • Learning to swim teaches determination – whether you learn to swim from pre-school or in adult life, the act of learning requires repeated hard work and will power
  • Concentration and teamwork – swimmers need to focus on improving their technique, keeping both the brain and body stimulated

It’s important to remember that whatever your current swimming ability, it is something that gets easier over time and with practice, and it comes with a wealth of benefits!

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