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What are your fitness plans this week? Perhaps, like many of us, you want to workout - but you're not quite sure what you could do. Maybe you're bored of the same old routine and are looking for some new ideas to get you going again?

It can be daunting sometimes to try new workouts if you're unfamiliar with certain sections of the gym. That's why we've created a simple plan to help you develop your strength and confidence.

We've created the ultimate 5-day full body workout designed to give your fitness levels a boost and get your heart racing.

Day 1 Biceps & triceps

Barbell curls - 10 reps | Hammer curls - 10 reps | Dubbell fly - 10 reps | Tricep dips - 10 reps | Tricep kickback- 10 reps | Push-ups - 15 reps

Day 2 - Legs & abs

Bike cardio - 5 mins | Mountain climbers - 30 secs | Barbell deadlift - 8 reps | Barbell squat - 8 reps | Crunches - 10 reps | Dumbbell lunges - 10 reps

Day 3 - Rest day

Rest days are important - your body needs to recover. You can still be active on rest days but try something low-impact such as targeting yourself to 10,000 steps.  

Day 4 - Chest & shoulders

Barbell chest press - 10 reps | Lateral pull-down - 10 reps | Dumbbell shoulder press - 10 reps | Dumbbell fly - 10 reps | Push-ups - 20 reps

Day 5 - Fitness class

Variety is key! Mix up your workout with something different to keep it interesting. Try a fitness class such as Body Pump or Box Fit for more strength.

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