Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Tracy's Story

Our fitness instructor shares her experience

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, making it an even more important time of year to focus on raising awareness and taking action when it comes to breast cancer. 

Tracy, one of our fitness instructors who has worked at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre for an impressive 35 years, had an experience with breast cancer that shows exactly why.  

After finding a lump in her breast during spring 2023 and being told it was abnormal, Tracy was referred to her local hospital who kickstarted her diagnosis and treatment. “The hospital was quick to act and provided the most amazing support during an incredibly difficult stage in my life.” she said. 

After going through five operations and various appointments, Tracy is now back at work doing what she loves every day! 

“Places Leisure have supported me from day one of my diagnosis which has made this journey so much easier and is something I will be forever grateful for. Difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations and I am now enjoying being back at work and spending as much time with partner, family and friends as possible.” 

“I ask you all to check yourselves regularly, because it can save your life!” she added. 

Tracy’s story shows just how important it is to be breast aware. There are around 56,000 new cases of breast cancer every year (that’s over 150 cases per day), and by checking her breasts regularly it meant that Tracy’s cancer was found early, which helped save her from the cancer becoming more aggressive.

Two Column Tracey Breast Cancer Awareness

So how do you check? This is where the Change and Check campaign comes in handy! 

The aim of Change and Check campaign is to raise awareness and promote the early detection of breast cancer, typically through Change and Check stickers that illustrate the signs of breast cancer. 

The stickers have made their way into all our leisure facilities, as well as in many bathrooms and changing rooms across the UK to encourage people to check for any signs of breast cancer while they get changed.

It’s vital to recognise when something doesn’t feel right, if you spot anything unusual, it’s best to see your GP as soon as possible. 

We know that to help those facing breast cancer, spreading the word alone isn’t enough. We need more people to get involved, get checking, and get donating! 

You can learn more about breast cancer and why it’s important to be breast aware from Macmillan Cancer Support here

Sources: Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Macmillan Cancer Support) | About Breast Cancer: Facts and figures (Breast Cancer UK) 

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