Try Trampolining

Defy gravity!

Unique, exhilarating – there is nothing that quite compares to the feeling of climbing onto the trampoline for the first time; the weightlessness of being sprung high into the air and defying gravity!

Extra-curricular activities have been linked with “helping students to learn about themselves and develop and use their skills and knowledge in different contexts”. Offering a chance to destress, improve self-esteem and take pride in overcoming physical challenges.

Trampolining is an incredibly fun option that is exciting from the offset and quickly builds upon balance, coordination and motor skills making it a brilliant exercise for both the brain and body.

We visited one of our popular Trampolining sessions and spoke to the parents and children about why they love it!

Jonna, Lucas, and Myles

“It was a simple choice. Both boys really enjoy trampolining at home and wanted to become better”.

Alan and Poppy

“Poppy saw it in gymnastics, and it looked really fun, so she begged mum!”.

Jessica and Connie

“We chose trampolining because it is fun and keeps the children active. It helps with Connie’s balance and co-ordination, it’s really a lot of fun and very enjoyable”.


“I took part in trampolining lessons as a child and enjoyed it. I also think it’s a fun afterschool activity for kids to do to keep healthy, follow instructions, learn safety on trampolines and to burn off excess energy”.

So, as you can see the overriding theme is FUN!

Fun is one of the key driving factors for all of our sports courses. Developing a lifelong healthy relationship with fitness and activity is made so much easier if you enjoy what you are doing. So, if you are looking for something that fills the fun and fitness criteria why not give it a try? View our trampolining lesson options here and get booking!

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