Synergy Dance: Inclusive workouts

Suitable for all ages and abilities

Places Leisure is delighted to announce its partnership with the award-winning Synergy Dance to offer a channel filled with all-inclusive, digital content to support individuals of all ages and all abilities in their journey to stay active.

International leaders in the field of inclusive, online and offline courses, Synergy offers specially designed courses for all—children, teens, families, adults and the elderly, including, special needs classes for autism & cerebral palsy; audios for the visually impaired and blind; as well as seated classes for the disability community, those with long term health conditions and the elderly. Synergy brings the most diverse range of dance, yoga and meditation classes for people with disabilities in the UK and is the recent winner of the National Sport and Recreation Alliance Diversity and Inclusion Award.

Synergy Dance is one of the latest channels available free of charge to all members via the Places Studio on the Places Tracker app. Featuring 1000s of live stream and on demand workouts, our Virtual Studio gives you the flexibility to supplement your exercise routine from the comfort of your home, as well as track your moves, compete in digital challenges and, so much more!

Never before has health and wellbeing been of such great importance. Whether regular exercise is part of your family routine, self-care, mental health or social routine—your local Places Leisure Centre is ready to support you on your fitness journey. Let’s get fit, together.

Synergy Dance workouts are available exclusively on the Places Locker app in our Virtual Studio, which you can use as part of your free Places membership. Find out more about the Virtual Studio here.

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