What is Zumba?

Have you tried – Zumba?

Have you tried – Zumba?

You’ll soon party your way into shape!
It doesn’t matter if you’re a strong dancer, or think you have two left feet – Zumba is a high-intensity, yet fun class designed to burn a high number of calories and encourage everyone involved to push yourself a little bit further each time.

What’s involved?

Combining a mixture of high-energy dance moves such as salsa, flamenco and the cha-cha with exercises such as squats, lunges and core work, Zumba workouts are always full of energy to get your blood pumping.

Alternating between a fast and slow tempo, instructors will guide you through a series of routines to condition your muscles, increase your stamina and flexibility as well as boost your energy in an all-round dance-fitness party.

A super-effective workout style – Zumba is known to be the fitness class in disguise.

Who’s it for?

Everybody and anybody! Designed purposely as a fun-filled fitness class, Zumba brings everyone together to get their sweat on.

A great way to lose-weight and develop muscle mass, Zumba is actually a great exercise for anyone living with diabetes. As your energy levels increase, your blood sugar levels reduce, making life a little bit easier. You’ll also be a greater chance of lowering your risk of heart-disease and reducing high cholesterol levels.

Not only is this fitness class great for physical exercise and to be sociable, Zumba can help improve your mental health as it relieves stress, boosts your confidence and fuels your body with ever-healthy endorphins.

How often should I take the class?

You’ll only need to attend Zumba once or twice a week, if you’re not looking to participate in any additional high-energy fitness classes or workouts.

The high-impact activity will mean you might feel a few aches and pains the day after, so it’s important to fit in your rest days – but also some stretch days.

Ready to ditch the workout and join the party?

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