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What is a Just Swim session? 

A classic Just Swim session will have an area of the pool dedicated for people to ‘Just Swim’ in. ’Just Swim’ can be a couple of lanes set aside for people that want to swim lengths and/or simply some free space for less structured swimming, which is ideal if you are new, are just getting used to swimming again, or want to take it at a slower pace.

Depending on the size of your chosen pool and other programming, Just Swim sessions may run alongside other sessions in the pool, like swimming lessons or an aqua aerobics session. When looking at our timetables, if there are two sessions showing at the same time this means the pool will be split between the two activities.

The amount of space set aside for Just Swim will vary, and you’ll soon get used to the set-up for each session. But, if you want a session with more space for example, or, anything else, then just ask one of our Placemakers. They are are experts in their pools, and will be able to help you find a session to suit you. Children are allowed into Just Swim sessions to play so please bear this in mind if you are attending after school sessions, weekends or school holidays.

Who uses Just Swim sessions?

A Just Swim session is the ideal place to start if you haven’t visited us for a swim before so you can get the lay of the land (or water in this case 😉). These are relaxed sessions where you can take things at your own pace and just enjoy your time in the water.

Once you get into the swing of things, Just Swim sessions can become a great option for regular swimmers who are swimming to keep their fitness up or to simply relax. They are also the best social session in the pool if you are swimming with friends.

What can I do in a Just Swim session?

You can practice your strokes, swim lengths, talk to other swimmers or just potter up and down.  Floats and other swimming aides are permitted to help with technique, you can also feel free to bring your own or ask a member of staff to borrow one (subject to availability).

You can also track your swim using our SWIMTAG fitness band. SWIMTAG is similar to a fitness watch but for the water.  You can track lengths, time and distance and much more.  Find out more about SWIMTAG here and ask at reception for your SWIMTAG band.

As these sessions are mixed ability, please be considerate of other swimmers around you and if you are swimming in a lane, let faster swimmers pass at the end of lanes.

Ready to give it a go?

Find your local centre here and view their pool timetable to find your Just Swim sessions.  Some centres offer online booking, others operate on a pay as you go basis where you can pay on arrival at the centre.  If it’s a bookable session, you’ll see a ‘Book Now’ button.

Swimming regularly? If you swim twice a week or more, you can save money with our Swim membership packages. Find out more here.

Make sure to read our tips for the pool before your visit!

In case you need a nudge

  • Swimming is enjoyed by 14 million adults each year, that’s over a third of the adult population!
  • Swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn calories: 30 minutes of exercising in the water is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land.
  • Regular swimming can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression and improve your sleep patterns.
  • Swimming improves heart health, lowers blood pressure, improves lung capacity, increases bone strength and reduces joint pain as it’s a low impact sport.
  • Regular swimming can help to reduce long term health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes by up to 40%.

Source: The Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Swimming report, June 2017

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