Clip 'n Climb at Places Leisure

Discover the adventurer in you...

At Places Leisure, we understand the importance of combining fitness with fun!

That’s why we decided to introduce Clip ‘n Climb across our centres – bringing together the excitement of indoor climbing with safety that is unparalleled. Fun climbing is something for the whole family to enjoy together.

Each Clip ‘n Climb centre has a thoughtfully designed, state-of-the-art climbing arena with interactive features offering a range of agility, difficulty, and confidence levels, as listed on the site. Ideal for first-time and experienced climbers alike!

Each centre offers something different, but we don’t just do climbing walls. Discover a range of unique and extraordinary experiences for the adventurer inside you. Different shapes, vibrant colours and a variety of textures make the challenges appealing to anyone from age four years upwards, regardless of climbing level.

Why Climb?

Climbing provides an excellent workout, utilising every muscle in the body to lift your own body weight and stimulate the brain as you work out your next movement in the air. Ignite your inner intellect and combine mental concentration and problem-solving with physical movement and agility – just like our ancestors!

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie wanting to try climbing for the first time or your little ones fancy taking up a new hobby, our experts are there to guide you.

Who can do it?

Just like everything we offer, we aim to make Clip ‘n Climb inclusive of everyone, no matter your age, ability or climbing confidence. Whilst our centres provide different opportunities, they are limited to specific centres based on individual facilities and instructors.

We offer action-packed birthday parties, team-building activities, challenges and climbing courses including an award scheme for a progressive learning experience. Enquire at your nearest centre.

How do I sign up?!

Find your nearest Clip ‘n Climb centre and book now:

Andover Leisure Centre

Dover District Leisure Centre

Places Leisure Camberley

The Bridge Leisure Centre

The Triangle

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