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Is your little one just starting out? Are they stuck in a stage and finding it tricky to take the next step? We are here to support your little one all the way through their swimming journey from beginner to confident swimmer. Keep reading for some of our tips and tricks to support your child outside their swimming lessons and take that next step…

For the little ones

Stage 1 (Start to Swim)

Key products – Zoggs Trainer Seat, Zoggs Swim Ring, Zoggy Soakers, DC Super Heroes Splashems

Being the first introduction to water - it is important not to rush this process as each child will get used to the water in their own time. This allows them time to see that the water is something that can be fun and not something to fear! Zoggs Trainer Seat is a great way to start your child off - it gives them freedom of movement in their legs to feel the water while leaving their hands free to play. You can pair this with a Zoggs Baby Wrap to keep them nice and warm during the swim session. In the trainer seat, gently pulling them around the water helps them feel the movement and splashing a little encourages them to have fun. Once they show they are actively trying to move across the pool, it's a good sign to move on!

Ease the progress as the most important thing is they enjoy the water, feeling safe and comfortable. To begin with, you can introduce them slowly to the Zoggs Swim Ring. This still provides them with the security of the inflatable ring but gives them more movement in their legs to get them around the pool. As they become more confident you can use the Soakers and Splashems as a collect and retrieve game - throw them a small distance and encourage them to collect them. When they start to get faster and they are wanting to use their arms you could be ready for stage 2!

Stage 2 (Learn to Swim)

Key Products – Zoggs Jet Pack, Float Bands, Roll Ups, Swim Jacket, Water Wings Vest, Seal Flips

Which do you choose? Back Float? Float Bands? Swim Jacket? All of these aids look to help the child discover the natural buoyancy of the water. We suggest trying a few, it is important to find out what your little one is most comfortable with. You can slowly introduce the buoyancy aid, hold them in your arms and lower them slowly into the water so they get used to the feeling of being in the water. Once they are happy being in the water, the next step is to see if they will be happy to place their face under! Start off by getting them to hold their breath, place their mouth in the water and the best part blow bubbles! Seal Flips can be a great aid to support this, blow bubbles to get the seal flips from one side to the other. DON’T FORGET GOGGLES… Little Twists’ are a great goggle for those little ones starting out, comfortable and easily adjustable they will be happy to explore the underwater world.

If they are feeling comfortable and starting to use their arms, the Water Wings Vest is a great aid to support them in bringing all their skills together. Start with by holding their hands when they are in the Water Wings Vest getting them to kick their legs and practice placing their head in the water to practice their breathing. A great game to use for this is to Save Zoggy! Using a kickboard place Zoggy Soakers (Zoggy and his friends) on the kickboard and get your little one to kick it across the pool without any of them falling off. You will soon notice them wanting to use their arms and this is where the Water Wings Vest is perfect as it places them in the natural swimming position and the soft flexible arms allow them complete freedom to practice their swim stroke. You soon won’t be able to get them out of the water!

PLEASE NOTE – Zoggs Buoyancy Aids are not a lifesaving device so when using them they must be supervised at all times.

Stage 3 (Confident Swimmers)

Key Products – Zoggy Dive Sticks, Zoggy Dive Rings, Dive Balls, DC Super Heroes Dive Toy

After they are feeling confident in their stroke, try swimming without support for short periods of time so they can build their confidence. Once the buoyancy aid is gone they will be swimming like fishes and there is no way you will be getting them out of the pool any time soon. To have some family fun introduce Zoggy Dive Sticks as a fun dive an retrieve game or relay race.

While these will help develop your kids water confidence throughout their swim journey, there are THREE key things to remember…

  1. Practice – this is the best way to build your confidence and perfect your swim technique. If one session didn’t go well, jump back in and give it a go, the more you visit the easier it will become
  2. Take it at their pace – Everyone learns at different speeds, remember it is not a race, they will get there!
  3. HAVE FUN! – Swimming is all about the enjoyment of the water - whether you are getting that practice in or taking a dip on holiday, as long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters!
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