Swimming for Physical Health

The physical benefits of swimming

Swimming is a superpower. Okay maybe a bit of a stretch – but when you look at the capabilities, the stats… it will most likely leave you surprised you haven’t ventured into the pool for a water-based workout more often.

On this episode of why swimming is great – we’re sticking with the physical benefits…

  • Tones muscles
  • Builds strength and endurance 
  • Lowers resting heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure

Whether you’ve suffered a one-off injury, recently underwent surgery, or are battling through a long-term issue, swimming offers an opportunity to literally take the weight off and slowly introduce activity back into your life. Moving in the water adds a resistance that allows individuals to choose their pace and add stability that can alleviate symptoms and does wonders for the muscles and bones. Not to mention the mental kickstart that a swimming session provides.

Something that makes swimming a particularly good option is that it burns almost double the calories that the same activity does on land, but at a far lower physical intensity.

Whether its cardiovascular or musculoskeletal issues you’re worried about – there is a wide variety of far-reaching physical benefits that come from a session in the pool.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the conditions that swimming can be a safe or healing exercise option for.

Click each condition to find out more:

When it comes to prevention, the health benefits of swimming are endless – increasing aerobic, cardiovascular, and general physical health as well as contributing to the maintaining of a healthy weight. Next time you carry out your cardio, give swimming a go!

As well as supporting the prevention and recovery of physical symptoms, swimming also has several mental health benefits. The release of endorphins that comes with any form of exercise can alleviate negative symptoms and contribute to a happier life.

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