A springboard into so many activities

Gymnastics has a rich history which dates as far back as the days of Ancient Greece, where the gymnasium was utilised as a training ground for public games’ competitors.

Fast forward (a few…) thousand years and gymnastics is still a thriving sport with millions of people taking part worldwide. Most spectators could only begin to imagine moving their bodies in ways that combine such strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. But the truth is, our junior Rise Gymnastics syllabus is made to be accessible for anyone with an interest to give gymnastics a go – from complete newbie to advanced skills.

The benefits of gymnastics go beyond the sport itself, helping to lay the foundations for a healthy and active lifestyle that many famous athletes swear by to set them above their opponents.

We chose our top 3 benefits to gymnastics and why they are unmatched when it comes to transferring them into both daily lives and other, seemingly unrelated sports:


Gymnastics increases strength and flexibility. Overtime this can prevent injuries, improve posture and contribute towards greater all-round body strength which can be likened to the same affect that calisthenics has – utilising bodyweight and gravity to build muscle strength.
One athlete noted how “nobody can reproduce the movement of gymnastics guys, but gymnastics guys can reproduce the movement of everyone. They’re the most athletic athletes in the world”. Whilst the professionals make it look easy, it’s something that takes a lot of time to perfect, but undoubtedly pays off.

Balance and Coordination

Ever watched an artistic gymnast in competition? The balance and coordination that is required in such routines is unrivalled. As Max Whitlock took to the Tokyo Olympics this year with chalk-dusted hands, his pommel horse routine really challenged the limitations of the human body.
The power of the mind-muscle connection is one that has unlimited benefits in everyday life, countless other sports and has even been argued to reduce the risk of health issues associated with mobility and cognition.


Being good at gymnastics does not come easy and with studies showing that most major gymnasts start their careers very young, dedicating many hours a week to training – there is no doubt it is a sport that teaches endurance!
A trait that is invaluable when applied not only to learning a new sport or skill, but also when applied to academia and social capabilities. Teaching gymnasts that if at first you don’t succeed – try and try again.

If that’s not enough reason to give gymnastics a go – come and see for yourself! Choose your nearest Places Leisure centre from the list below to find out more or complete our enquiry form below to enquire about lessons.

Alfreton Leisure Centre
Andover Leisure Centre
Billingshurst Leisure Centre
Brackenbury Sports Centre
Dengie Hundred Sports Centre
Dover District Leisure Centre
Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex
Epping Sports Centre
Fairfield Leisure
Ferndown Leisure Centre
Graves Health and Sports Centre
Kings Centre
Maltby Leisure Centre
Places Leisure Camberley
Places Leisure Eastleigh
Steyning Leisure Centre
The Bridge
The Dolphin
The Malden Centre
The Triangle
Tolworth Recreation Centre
Wyre Forest Leisure Centre

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