The benefits of swimming for older adults

Reasons on why you should take the plunge!

Staying active is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle at any age, but it becomes particularly important as we age, when various health issues are more likely to affect our bodies.

The good news is that upping your physical activity with sports such as swimming can help avert or manage health conditions.

We’ve put together some noteworthy benefits of swimming for anybody who is wanting to get the best out of their fitness routine as they get older, no matter what place you’re at:

Eases joint pain

Whether it’s an achy knee or a sore joint, swimming can help with alleviating joint pain and arthritic symptoms, thanks to the buoyancy of the water supporting your body weight.

Supports bone strength

Swimming is one of the only forms of exercise that simultaneously works all muscle groups, making it a force for good when it comes to taking care of bone strength. Bone strength is especially important as we age, as it’s responsible for posture and stability.

Boosts sleep quality

It’s not just the movement of water that can make us feel good, it’s also the sound. The sound of moving water is one that many find soothing and calming, which can offer your body and mind a way to decompress and rest.

Improves mental health

Swimming is more social than we think, and we know that socialising helps create dopamine – the “happy hormone” – in addition to aiding mood, memory, and cognition.

If you’re unsure on where to begin in your swimming journey, our Just Swim sessions could be a great place to start.

Our classic Just Swim sessions do exactly what they say in the tin – provide an area in the pool for people to just swim at your own pace. We even offer older adults sessions at some of our centres. Read more about Just Swim sessions.

Ready to take a dip? Find your local centre and view their pool timetable to find your Just Swim sessions.

If you enjoy the water and fancy becoming a regular, one of our Swim membership packages could also suit you and save you money. Find out more about swim membership.

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