Rookie Lifeguard

Our most crucial swimming course

Our Rookie Lifeguard course is an option that is given to coincide with our Learn to Swim programme and build upon valuable skills that will be crucial throughout a child’s life.

We spoke with Jane - who specialises in teaching the programme - about what it is and why she can’t recommend it enough!

What is Rookie Lifeguard?

“The Rookie Lifeguard certification is a fantastic opportunity for any swimmer that is looking to become an expert in water safety. It has become my favourite programme to teach, combining valuable lessons in survival and rescue with the fun and energy that swimming lessons always bring.

Teaching the children confidence in the water and knowledge of how to navigate dangerous situations is incredibly important. It leaves me feeling like I’ve made a difference – not only to their lives but those of everyone around them. The things they learn could save a life one day.”

What does a typical session involve?

“Every session takes a different shape depending on each child’s ability. We have a bronze, silver and gold award which are each made up of 3 stages. Every stage includes a variety of different components, using colourful props and encouraging teamwork. Usually, we’ll introduce each movement and go from there based on ability.

Some children get a particular movement straight away, others prove a little trickier. The lessons are tailored in that sense, and we work up to becoming polished and confident in every movement before progressing to the next stage.”


What happens once they complete their Gold Award?

“Once the children complete Stage 3 of their Gold Award, we strongly suggest keeping up some form of aquatic activity to remain proficient in the water.

We offer a Rookie Master Lifeguard Award as well as several Bolt-On Awards. These are all options for those who have shown skill, focus and dedication throughout the programme and wish to pursue more certifications.

If the Rookie Lifeguard Award is enough, we encourage coming back to the pool frequently to touch up on skills and most importantly, have fun!”


Why you love teaching it?

“Teaching any form of swimming lesson is rewarding. Rookie Lifeguard in particular. Being able to give children crucial advice that they will take long into adulthood is invaluable. If every child on the programme can apply what they have learnt at some point in their life, whether to themselves or those around them, I have done my job.

Some children have gone on to become lifeguards at the centre, literally employing their water safety knowledge every day to make the world safer – being a steppingstone in their journey is another reason I love doing what I do – you can’t put a price on that.

I recommend that any child who might be interested in joining our programme to become a Rookie Lifeguard does it!

Meet our Rookie Lifeguards | Royal Life Saving Society UK ( RLSS UK )

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