What is BodyPump?

Have you tried – Body Pump?

The original barbells class, >Body Pump uses a combination of light and medium weights with endless repetition. Why? To get your blood pumping to burn calories, increase your strength and stamina.

What’s involved?

An instructor-led class, you’ll be guided through a series of moves and techniques within 45 to 60-minutes to help you achieve so much more than you would if you were training on your own.

Using the Rep Effect, you’ll spend your time throughout the class lifting weights. The Rep Effect is a resistance workout training method designed to burn fat and gain strength by carrying out high repetitions in a single workout.

Who’s it for?

Everyone! If you’ve never lifted weights before – you shouldn’t be put off. There is no pressure to start off lifting heavy weights and you’ll be guided through the correct posture, how to choose your correct weight and how to lift. As you progress, you’ll find yourself quickly moving onto a higher weight to keep feeling the effect lifting has on your body. It doesn’t even matter how advanced you are with your fitness because this class is for everyone. While you’ll each use different weights, you’ll all be doing the same thing to build your platform of strength.

How often should I take the class?

Now there’s no need to get carried away here. Body Pump challenges all your major muscle groups, so attending this class two to three times a week will be enough. You should also look to add a cardio session or two into the mix and remember to take a day off so your body can rest. There’s 7-days in the week – you only need to workout for three or four days.

Ready to give it a go?


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