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As we turn a new leaf, we are drawn towards new challenges, goals, and aims. What can we achieve this year to make us a better version of ourselves last year?

Some strive to carry on with their fitness journey; others might make changes to their training and ‘new year resolutions’ drive-up search engine rankings. As a leisure company, we’ve seen it all. But every year without fail, an abundance of people set goals they end up leaving behind as the months continue.

When it comes to setting realistic goals, stretching is something that everyone should introduce to their regime if they haven’t already, and shouldn’t be difficult to stick to long-term. Here are the far-reaching benefits of stretching and why you should choose to add it to your to-do list this new year!

Flexibility – the increase in flexibility is perhaps the most noticeable benefit of stretching. It encourages better posture and range of motion which increases performance in many different areas of life.

Circulation - stretching promotes blood flow which boosts our oxygen levels and delivers nutrients to our joints and muscles for quick recovery or injury prevention. It even reduces the risk of lower back pain or headaches. The perfect recipe for pre or post workout!

Stress relief – the physical effect that stretching has is powerful enough to impact our mental health. As it relieves tension in our bodies, it alleviates stress and calms our minds resulting in a number of mental health improvements. Stretching in the form of Pilates or Yoga intertwines aspects of meditation which is particularly beneficial.

Stretches come in the form of both static and dynamic, and whilst they both serve different purposes, it’s important to find what works for you and start slow.

We recommend trying one of our many classes that implement stretching, or simply remembering to stretch pre or post workout on your next visit to improve mobility, range, and recovery. Build up from just a couple of stretch routines a week to a daily practice and you will never look back…

If you want to find out more about how to implement stretching into your routine or what stretches are best for you, simply ask for guidance from one of our friendly fitness instructors on your next visit.

Happy stretching!

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