Exercise and Inclusivity

National Inclusion Week 2023

Inclusivity is something we don’t shy away from at Places Leisure, and it’s something we’ve homed in on further during National Inclusion Week this year.

Everyone must work together and become more dedicated in making equal and diverse spaces everywhere we go. Enabling communities to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome in a place where they choose to exercise is a huge stepping stone in making fitness more inclusive.

We’ve put together some of the benefits of inclusive exercise spaces:

Improved mental health: Getting more involved in physical health can be the first step to boosting mind-body connection and taking better care of mental health.

A sense of community: Providing an outlet for people to connect with one another over finding joy in something like exercise is crucial. Simply put, it’s hard to be what you can’t see!

Achieving goals: When exercise environments are supportive and encouraging of a person’s freedom to be and feel themselves, their goals become that little bit easier to reach.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, the effects of inclusive exercise spaces are endless and unique. Whether you’re a newbie to working out, or it’s been a part of your routine for some time, there are lots of unrelated elements of it that still make a huge impact.

Like people, exercise comes in many different shapes and sizes. Being active doesn’t just mean going to the gym, or restricting yourself to one sport, and it’s crucial to find the one that works for you. Inclusive cultures empower more people to think differently and share their experiences, which is a huge driver for development, engagement, and community. Have you tried BODYPUMP or badminton? Pilates, yoga…cycling?

If you’re already well versed in how you work out, it could be a good idea to mix things up. The key is to find whatever makes you feel good and to do it as often as you find comfortable.

Inclusivity is essential and boosting it is an ongoing task that should extend far beyond the end of National Inclusion Week. Whatever place you’re into, we have a community for you.

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