Zoggs’ Learn to Swim kit bag essentials

Top swimming aids to develop water confidence this summer!

Zoggs are well known for their Learn to Swim products - in fact they’re the UK’s number one Learn to Swim brand!

When you think about Learn to Swim aids, your first thought is probably arm bands, but there are many other products which can help during their Learn to Swim journey.

We sent Lara, our Regional Retail Manager, to speak to Will, Marketing Executive at Zoggs, about your must-have summer learning essentials. Check some of them out below:

Water Wings Vest

Zoggs claim their famous Water Wings Vest will help your child learn to swim five times faster!

Unlike other buoyancy aids, the Water Wings Vest supports correct swimming positions by angling the child’s body forwards. This encourages young children to begin using their arms and legs to move around in the water. The strategically placed foam floats also allow them to make a splash with total freedom of movement.

What’s more, the Water Wings Vest features a rear zip to securely hold it in place, which prevents the child from removing it themselves during pool time.

Swimsure Jacket

The Swimsure Jacket features puncture-proof floats and fixed buoyancy, allowing your child to explore and enjoy the water. Whether it’s at the local leisure centre or the hotel pool on holiday, the Swimsure Jacket is a must have - enabling your child to experience hours of fun playing with their Zoggs Soakers, Seal Flips and Splash Balls!

Float Discs

Float Discs are comfortable, lightweight, and are designed to encourage children to actively swim rather than float on the surface.

This buoyancy aid can also be customised to your child’s Learn to Swim progression! The discs come in a pack of four: two discs for each arm. They can be removed to reduce any buoyant support as your child becomes more competent in the water.

Zoggs Kickboard

Kickboards are a Learn to Swim staple. Like floats, they are essential for developing and improving kicking and breathing techniques, as well as body position. Try throwing Zoggs soakers around the pool and getting your little one to kick their way to collect them!

Explore Zoggs’ range of Learn to Swim aids at a selection of our centres.

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