Working out on the go

Get fit in no time!

You've worked hard to get into shape for the summer and the holidays are finally here. Now, how do you stay in shape? Whether you are enjoying some time abroad, on a staycation or just at home with the family, the holidays offer no end of distractions from your regular exercise regime!

No gym, no weights, no problem

If you are worried about all your hard work going to waste whilst enjoying your time in the sun, then worry no more. We have challenged one of our Regional Fitness Managers to come up with some mini workouts that you can do on the go. No equipment required, just you and a small space. Why not give it a try? You can even get your partner and kids involved too!



Beginner – 30 seconds of each exercise, repeat for 2 – 3 sets

Intermediate – 45 seconds of each exercise, repeat for 2 – 3 sets

Advanced – 60 seconds of each exercise, repeat for 2 -3 sets


Workout 1 – Abs

Toe touch crunch
In and Outs
Bicycle Crunches
Planks Jacks
Mountain Climbers


Workout 3 – Legs

High Knees
Reverse lunges
Squat jumps
Lateral lunge
Wall sit (hold squat position against a wall)
Hip extensions (donkey kicks)

Workout 2 – Upper Body

Press ups (wide arms)
Plank to T position
Spiderman press up
Press up (narrow arms)
Plank walk outs (commandos)
Tricep dips
Plank with arm raise


Workout 4 – All over workout

Side plank with rotation
Split jumps
Mountain climbers
Star jumps
Spider plank
Squat thrusts

After you've tried these workouts - why not mix it up a bit? Challenge yourself and learn a new sport!

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