How to survive Twixmas

The Chrimbo limbo

The season of Twixmas begins! For those unfamiliar with the term, it covers the festive limbo betwixt/between Christmas and the New Year. An interesting period where the tinsel starts to look more tragic than magical let’s say… For starters, no-one knows what time or day it is… Who’s coming? Who’s going? Who knows? You’re probably feeling a little bit worse for wear suffering from the Christmas comedown, and even so, you’re still ready to polish off those leftovers while slumping on the sofa watching TV, right?

Well, without ringing alarm bells at this fragile time… The New Year is just around the corner! These days of Twixmas are precious to reset and re-energise you for whatever plans you have made to close out the year. It can be a great time to reflect and be productive – here are our top tips on how to survive Twixmas.

The best way to cure the Christmas comedown is to do some exercise! This is absolutely not a guilt thing. We spend 99% of the year juggling all aspects of life where stress, worry and burnout can start to creep in... We can definitely let our hair down and celebrate! It doesn’t matter how many extra servings you may have had on Christmas day because exercise during Twixmas isn’t about repentance. It’s about making yourself feel great! Exercise releases endorphins that will have a positive impact on your mood, energy levels and sense of wellbeing. Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises are best for endorphin release – you can try jogging round the block or exercises like press ups, sit ups and burpees in between the festive TV breaks.

No problem if you’re really struggling to find the motivation for exercise during this period – our bodies need rest too! Try simply getting out of the house into the fresh air, whether that’s a winter walk with the family, Christmas shopping in the sales or a catch-up lunch with a friend.

Twixmas also provides a great opportunity to be productive. If your fridge is full of tasty leftovers, now is the best time to get creative so they don’t go to waste! Leftover roast potato, turkey, sausage and stuffing pie? Leftover chicken dinner with refried veggies? Remember to make sure leftovers are stored and reheated safely – we want to feel better, not worse!

Why not clean your house or have a clear out? They aren’t the most fun jobs in the world but using down time to clean means you can do it at your own pace – plus it’s easier to relax in a clean home! You’ve probably acquired some extra belongings over Christmas, so it may be time to be ruthless! Haven’t worn some clothes in over 6 months? Get rid! Kids toys broken or dusty with cobwebs? Get rid! Donate to your local charity - not only is de-cluttering therapeutic, it can also benefit a good cause

Last but not least, New Year resolutions… What better time to reflect and plan ahead? You may want a new job - refresh your CV and scout for job openings. You may want to sort your finances out - spend time budgeting for the year and find out where you can save. You may want to lose weight and/or get fit - find your local centre and join our Places Leisure community! We’ll help you every step of the way no matter what your goals are.