Get ready for party season!

Rock that glamorous number

Christmas is just around the corner, and this means party time! Harsh winter colds may be in full force, but that won’t faze us from looking the part in our party dresses – Prosecco in hand. What type of dress are you aiming to look your best in this Christmas? Here are our exercise tips to help create the perfect circuit workout for you to show off your beautiful body to the max!

Knee length

As your calves and ankles will be on full display, you can channel your inner-ballerina with the standing calf raise! Stand with your feet hip-width apart – inhale and slowly raise up onto your tip-toes, then exhale and lift through your core as your heels slowly lower to the floor again. As simple as it sounds, it will be sure to tones your calves and help strengthen/stabilise your ankles in no time!

Open back

If you’re looking to rock a glamorous backless number, then try lateral raises. With a dumbbell in each hand, exhale as you raise your arms (elbows slightly bent) out to your sides and inhale as you lower your arms back to your starting position. To protect your back, make sure you engage your abs!

Cinched waist

Tighten up your whole mid-section by toning your abdominals and obliques. You can tone your core with planks and work your obliques with side planks. To perform a side plank, you simply move into the plank position, shift your body weight onto your right elbow while extending your left arm into the air and hold. Then repeat on the other side. You should aim to hold each plank for 30-60 seconds a time to really engage your core.

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Lower neckline

You can use a chest press or a chest fly machine to look your best in these dresses. For a beginner’s workout, it will be best to use low weights and more reps to learn perfect technique. As you get more comfortable, you will be able to choose heavier weights, or you can begin to use dumbbells on a bench once you have mastered technique.


An upper body workout targeting everything from your shoulders, chest, down to your back and through your arms will be help you look your best and feel extra confident. There are various machines that can work on each muscle individually but using a rowing machine will be perfect as it will work all these muscles in one go! The rowing machine is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the gym floor forcing you to engage 85% of your muscles. 


Flaunt your arms by working on your biceps and triceps! You can use resistance bands or dumbbells to tone your arms - try and find out what’s most comfortable for you. Whether you are bicep curling or doing tricep kickbacks, start with low weights and high reps to really get toning!

No matter what dress you’re planning on rocking this festive season, you will definitely benefit from circuit workouts. Different dresses may highlight and accentuate different muscles which will help you chose your focus for your perfect circuit – but it’s important to work the whole body for an overall healthy look! You may be planning on rocking different types of dresses so you can mix and match various exercises to suit you.

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