Parish Wharf Spinathon Fundraiser

Parish Wharf Leisure Centre took part in their very own Spinathon fundraiser at the start of December.

Members of the centre were invited to donate £10 for every hour they spent spinning away on our bikes – some participants even opted to spin for the full 4 hours – and might still be recovering now!


The day was full of fun, positive energy with members and colleagues flaunting their festive fancy dress outside without complaints despite the 3° climate.

Instructors Joe, Candy, Gary, and Liz volunteered their time to teach, whilst family and friends popped by on their Sunday strolls to chuck some money into collection buckets.

The centre raised over £2000 in total and distributed their earnings between two very worthy local charities:

Friends of Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre - £994.22

SARSAS (supporting survivors of rape and sexual violence) - £1,061.22.

Liz noted, "it was great to see our members and the wider community coming together for two worthy causes. Both those taking part in the Spinathon, and those donating will make an incredible difference to the charity's ability to carry out their vital work". 

An incredible result from a brilliant team and a reminder that coming together as a community really can achieve so much.