The Lido Ladies take Tooting

Inspiring others to get in the water

If you haven’t already heard of them by now, you should have...

Meet the Lido Ladies

Whether you’re a frequent swimmer, just like a dip on the annual holiday, or something always seems to hold you back the Lido Ladies are here to inspire you to get in the water or motivate you to keep doing so.

We were delighted to have welcomed the famous duo to our Tooting Bec Lido during the recent heatwave, and those at the lido were equally as excited just look at the glamour those outfits exude!

Turning the heads of bathers and exchanging compliments to those they walked by –the pair were keen to get chatting to the crowds that flocked to the lido for the day. Many travelling far and wide with others making a trip from the other side of London, all sharing the same love for the crystal-clear water and sun shining overhead.

Scroll below to view clips of the Lido Ladies at Tooting Bec Lido and the inspiration that bought bathers from far and wide to visit on this bright, sunny day!

London-based mother and daughter visited the Lido for their son and brother's birthday and discuss how it feels to get back in the water for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic...

A group of four local friends frequent the Lido for its good energy and healing of the soul! 

A loyal member of the all-female swimmer group, Tooting 'Tits, talks about the social side of swimming and how baring the water year-round together  has provided ongoing benefits.

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