Healthy swimming

Tips before you dip...

Here’s everything you should keep in mind before you visit our pools!

To ensure our pools continue to provide a fun, inclusive, and positive environment for visitors, we need your help! Here are some points to consider before you make a splash:

Personal hygiene & health

  • Don’t swim if you feel unwell, you can spread germs in the water, especially if you have a poorly tummy.
  • Always use the toilet before you swim, and please wash your hands.
  • Tie long hair back and consider wearing a swimming hat. (Swimming hats are required in our swimming lesson programme).

Shower before you swim

  • Showering with soap before you swim can help to remove bacteria.

Look after your little ones

  • Ensure babies and toddlers wear swim nappies with costumes or trunks over the top. Do not use regular nappies.