Moving through Menopause

We’re continuing our partnership with Menopause Movement!

Places Leisure partnered up with Menopause Movement in February 2023 to deliver a first-of-its-kind course for those looking to improve the experience of women going through menopause.

The course consists of weekly sessions which combine physical activity, education, and opportunities for discussion around topics such as symptom management, hormones, mental health, and nutrition.

By the end of the course, the aim is for every participant to have a better, evidence-based understanding of menopause, including what happens during each stage and how exercise can aid menopause symptoms.

Funded by Wyre Forest District Council using the National Leisure recovery fund, Wyre Forest Leisure Centre were the first to host the Move through Menopause sessions in May 2023. All sessions were open to anyone over the age of 18, meaning that a breadth of the local community could take part and expand their knowledge!

With Menopause Movement, we created a report of the partnership to show the impact that the sessions have brought to the community.

The course’s main objectives were to enhance mental wellbeing, reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms experienced, and promote a greater knowledge of menopause. Based on participant feedback, it has excelled in achieving these.

One of the many positive points were the demographic of course referrals. The age groups of 55-64 and 45-55 saw the most referrals, showing that the course successfully targeted age groups that were most likely to be experiencing or expecting the onset of menopause.

The Menopause Rating Scale (MRS) was one method that the course’s effectiveness was measured by, and a look into its data showed that somatic symptoms were at 20%, suggesting that physical discomfort associated with menopause was reduced significantly by the course. There was also a decrease in psychological symptoms by 42% and intimate symptoms by 46%, revealing that the course could effectively address these often overlooked, yet critical aspects of menopause.

Stuart Booton, General Manager at Wyre Forest Leisure Centre, said “The first cohort of the Move through Menopause course turned out to be a massive success and has had a huge impact…the community has massively benefitted from filling this knowledge gap and we hope to keep pursuing the course's success." 

The positive outcomes and testimonials from participants speak to Move through Menopause’s success, showing a strong foundation for a richer menopause education that develops in future sessions.

One participant said, "Every week I have learned something valuable, the topics and areas surrounding menopause are so vast, and the more you delve in and educate yourself the more you realise just how much is involved and how very little knowledge we go into this stage of life with."

More participants also expressed their enjoyment of the range of exercise sessions that accompany the course, as it allowed them to experience different activities to find what suited them best.

More of our centres are also looking to roll out the Move through Menopause course later this year and during early 2024. Keep an eye on this page for future updates!