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Supporting the #TimeTogether campaign

We are delighted to be a part of the #TimeTogether campaign created by Women In Sport to encourage mothers and daughters to engage in physical activity together.

This year, the focus is on the theme of belonging. It can often be hard to navigate where we belong in the world, particularly in spaces that we have rarely ventured before. At Places Leisure, we understand that fitness isn’t always as easy as showing up – there can be many barriers in the way, and these often have a particularly profound effect on our female demographic.

Barriers like a lack of confidence, fear of judgement and loss of interest in fitness are the reason this campaign was created – to bring joy, fulfilment, and inspiration back to being active!

The truth is – we all belong – but sometimes we need some support and validation in feeling like it, and who better to make you feel like this than mum?!

Mum and daughter time is valuable. Young girls are subject to difficult thoughts and feelings growing up and mothers can be become equally stressed by the everyday pressures of life. Breaking out of everyday routines and environments to be active together can have so many positive impacts:

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  • Having a workout partner that you can trust and who understands you will naturally give you confidence in whatever activity you choose, as well as providing much needed advice and support – even if it’s just with their presence. Read more about the benefits of having a workout partner here!
  • Being active together is not often associated with ‘quality time’, but it really is! Facing challenges and achieving goals together allows people to get to know each other in ways we don’t usually see, forming a stronger bond and space to communicate.
  • More generally, staying on top of health and fitness on an individual level has countless benefits – too many to list in fact! Consistently engaging in activity can have drastic positive affects in all avenues of our life; physical, mental, and social. Having a strong female role model to look up to will help girls to form their own healthy habits that will stick with them into their adulthood.

So, whether you’re a mother or a daughter, you’re already into fitness or want to try something new – get together and try out some of these suggested workouts and see just how positively the time spent together impacts you!

  • Get your swimsuits on and give Lane Swimming a go – a great option for those who want to set their own pace or add SWIMTAG to the mix for some healthy competition!
  • Find a treadmill, bike, or stair machine next to each other and smash some cardio together* – having a chat whilst burning those calories really helps to take your mind away from the pain!!
  • Book in to one of our classes – from badminton or squash to Pilates or group cycling – we have so many options to choose from, whatever activity you’re into.
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