Drowning Prevention Week

15th - 22nd June 2024

Drowning Prevention Week aims to equip everybody across the UK and Ireland with the skills and knowledge to make the right decisions about water safety. 

This week is ideally timed, focusing on the lead up to summer, where the risk of accidental drowning increases significantly.

At Places Leisure, we don’t take water safety lightly. The core purpose of our swimming lessons is to build what we believe is a fundamental life skill for individuals of any age and ability – not only to develop their physical and mental strength but also potentially prepare them for critical water-related accidents that might occur at any stage throughout their life.  This is essential not only for themselves but also for those around them.

Two Column Drowning Prevention Week

We deliver our swimming lessons in conjunction with Swim England through the Learn to Swim Framework. Educating students from the most basic, foundational skills needed to build confidence and develop safety awareness in the water at their own pace. Guiding them to perfect strokes, movements and dives, eventually leading to fluent swimming ability and stamina.

All of our teachers bring safety to the forefront of their lessons, but this week in particular will see a focus on drowning prevention and water safety to raise awareness and equip our students with the skills needed to overcome any challenges they may face in the water.

We pride ourselves in creating places for everyone, which includes giving everybody the opportunity to learn to swim.

Enquire about starting lessons with your nearest Places Leisure centre.

Additional Resources

The RLSS also have a range of resources available on their website where you can read about Drowning Prevention Week, how to get involved and important water safety advice for holidays, open water swimming and much more.

Visit the RLSS website for more information.

Sources: Drowning Prevention Week | Royal Life Saving Society UK ( RLSS UK )