Fairfield lowers its carbon footprint

Pool covers have already dramatically reduced gas usage

Fairfield Leisure Centre has lowered its carbon footprint with new energy saving pool covers.

The pool covers provide an insulated layer that preserves energy whilst the pool is not in use. This already has and will continue to significantly reduce the centres operating costs and improve the environment. Since their installation in December of last year, the covers have already reduced gas usage by almost 20%.

Customers are pleased to see that more investment has been spent within the pool area to increase the comfort levels for swimmers. Positive feedback has also been given on the temperature of the pool, in which customers have noticed more warmth since the covers were introduced. 

Our General Manager at Fairfield Leisure Centre, John Galvin, commented on the new installation: “I am pleased that we now have a major resource to aid our challenge to reduce energy consumption in Fairfield. This comes at a time when prices have risen dramatically and businesses are finding it hard to sustain their place in the industry. We have already recorded in the month of January an 18.5% reduction in our gas usage, which these covers are definitely a contributing factor.

We have full confidence in the measures we are taking to aid both business growth and lowering our carbon footprint. The fact that our customers have noticed and felt the benefits from this is the absolute icing on the cake, and it further cements that the investment has made a positive difference.”

Leader of the Council Jeremy Kite said: “Fairfield has proved hugely popular since it reopened in 2016 and it remains a huge asset for town and people of Dartford. 

Fairfield manager showing swimming pool covers

Not only does the leisure centre help people keep fit, but it’s also great to see that it’s now doing its bit to improve the local environment. These covers are a clever way of keeping Fairfield green and saving money during these difficult times.”

Made from polyethylene and vinyl plastics, the covers are strong, durable, and flexible as well as moisture and humidity resistant – making them an ideal long-term option.

In an attempt to consider new eco-friendly technologies across our centres, Fairfield Leisure Centre quickly demonstrated the success of the pool covers that will likely be adopted at our other centres in due course.