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Lee's story - Long COVID-19

Before I got struck down with various problems to battle, I was a healthy 46-year-old who walked many miles in the Peak District regularly. 

My life was turned around when I was hit with COVID-19 including multiple trips to A&E, which then lead to an infection running through my body that required strong antibiotics.

By this time my body was no longer mine. I had zero fitness levels and I was constantly fatigued. Even going up and down the stairs required more effort than it should. I eventually went back to work on part time hours to help me get back to normality. My body was still suffering long fatigue from COVID-19 and recovering and repairing itself from the infection. Then one day while at work I was basically hit with a heart attack, it was blues and tunes all the way to A&E. I will admit I was frightened at this point not knowing if I would even see Christmas…

My body was drained and damaged and it affected me mentally. Many tests and more yet to come, I asked myself where do I go from here? I was no longer myself mentally and my body was at its worst in its 46 years. My eating habits had to change to a zero fat diet which was a challenge, but this was not going to help alone. I needed a plan; I needed guidance and help to get through the upcoming battle ahead. That is when I looked in to joining some sort of class or recovery program. Then I saw the COVID-19 recovery program at Places Gym and booked myself in. One of the gym instructors, Elliot, put together a plan to help me recover. It was a long plan but each week we would meet up and discuss my requirements to aid my recovery.

My first few trips to the gym only lasted around ten minutes each session but it was a start that I needed. It was hard going at first and I am still on the long road to recovery. My sessions are much longer, and my body is slowly recovering - mentally I feel much better. So, for anyone who may read this no matter how low or bad you get physically or mentally, there is help around the corner. In my case, it was at Places Gym with a 1-1 trainer. You just have to make that decision and take your first step to get help and advice.

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