Wellbeing Membership

Look out for your loved ones...

Our Places are made for everyone. Whilst we all know that everyone can benefit from a healthy lifestyle – we often don’t talk about the specific benefits that it brings to certain demographics. When it comes to our older generation, a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly important to sustain.

What exactly does healthy ageing look like and how does the team at Romsey Rapids implement it in order to support our community?

Aerobic fitness, muscular strength, balance, flexibility, and social wellbeing are the five key areas to prioritise when it comes to looking after one’s mental and physical health. Improving each of these qualities directly translates in many everyday situations that we see older individuals struggle with. Whether it’s the ability to carry out simple tasks like climbing stairs and independently doing grocery shopping or enjoying time spent gardening without the risk or injuries or falls.

Fall prevention alone is enough of a reason to make this positive change – being the number one reason older people are taken to the emergency department in a hospital. If that isn’t shocking enough, a staggering third of people aged 65 and over and half of people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year.


With this in mind, we have introduced our Wellbeing membership specifically aimed at our ageing population to support them in creating sustainable changes and maintaining these areas of their lives.

Our Wellbeing membership consists of unlimited access to Lane Swimming sessions which tick all of the boxes when it comes to improving wellbeing – just read our article on all about the positive physical and mental effects swimming can have! Plus – our leisure water pool is warmer than a usual pool with full walk-in accessibility – making it easy to enter no matter your confidence or ability.



The membership also gives total access to the Health Suite and Wellbeing Suite – both of which are the perfect combination when it comes to developing physical confidence and winding down in our relaxing saunas to de-stress and recover after. Our infrared sauna, traditional sauna and steam room offer a wide variety of benefits including deep muscle-relaxing qualities to alleviate the muscular aches and pains that are bought on with age.




Low-impact exercise classes are also included along with complete support from our specialised fitness instructors ensuring that our members are given bespoke attention during their fitness journey.

Our Wellbeing membership doesn’t only influence mental and physical health though. The social implications that we have already seen so many of our members experience is one of the most important impacts of all. Time and time again we hear first-hand the difference that our older members have found after attending our centre and making those vital social connections with like-minded members of their community.  

Do you have a friend or relative who might benefit from a Wellbeing membership?

Support your loved ones and enquire about a membership today by calling 01794 835550. Please note, those booked in for a consultation are more than welcome to bring along a family member or friend for support. 


Read all about the ‘Five Elements of Healthy Ageing’ from our Wellbeing Suite equipment providers Innerva directly: Innerva | Five Elements to Healthy Ageing