People seeking sanctuary

Do you work with people seeking sanctuary?

Throughout our centres across Sheffield - Thorncliffe Health and Leisure Centre, Graves Health and Sports Centre and Wisewood Sports Centre - we are offering free 3 month Adult Premium memberships to people seeking sanctuary. 

Premium Adult membership includes*:

  • Unlimited access to the Gym
  • Unlimited pool use (Thorncliffe and Graves only) 
  • Unlimited access to Group Workout classes
  • Add up to 4 free juniors
  • Advanced 14 day booking
  • Access to our Places Locker app and virtual studio
How to sign up?

In order arrange a suitable time to sign up, please email us using the below, we will be in touch to discuss a meeting time. 

email us


*Facilities vary at each site, access based on leisure centre opening times and session times and availability