Game, set, match!

A bit about padel 

Padel is a cross between tennis and squash. Typically, it is played in doubles in an enclosed court, the scoring is the same as tennis, but balls can be played off the walls in a similar way to squash. 

Is the padel court for you?

Padel is a socially and physically rewarding game for all ages and abilities. It is a sociable and fun game. 

Lets get you started

Our padel court will be open from 7am - 10pm weekdays and 8am - 8pm at weekends. Book a court with friends using the timetable below or call us on 01444 876000.

New to the game? Click here for a summary of how to play. 

Pay & play

Hire our Padel court for this great fun game.

  • Non-members £14.70 per court (£8.40 concession)
  • Members: free

Bookable online via the timetable below or call us on 01444 876000*

*Due to high demand, members are only able to book one court per day to allow everybody to enjoy this great sport.


Padel League

Are you interested in joining our padel league? Want more information? Please email us on: