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Sports at The Triangle

From booking a court with friends or learning a sport for the first time our centre has something that’s right for you. We work hard with the National Governing Bodies of a number of sports to fill our facilities with ideas that are fun and engaging.  

Most of our sports are available to book online.

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Squash is a fast sport that works you harder than most. Both squash and racquetball (same court, bigger racket, bigger ball) can be enjoyed from 5 years to adults.  Occupying and moving in the same space as your opponent adds to the challenge of this sport.  

We have 4 squash courts available to book throughout the week.

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Badminton is an easy sport to learn and can be a very social game. The speed of the shuttlecock also makes this one of the quickest of the racket sports. It can be played at any pace making it enjoyable for all ages.  

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Whether you are playing tennis for the first time with friends and family or you're more of a seasoned professional, you will find our full-size, flood-lit tennis courts the perfect place for you and your racquet!

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Padel is a cross between tennis and squash. Typically, it is played in doubles in an enclosed court, the scoring is the same as tennis, but balls can be played off the walls in a similar way to squash. 

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Looking to hire an indoor or outdoor football pitch? We offer plenty of slots to book a pitch for you and a group of friends.

Spaces are available every day, and can be booked via our timetable.


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Our sports clubs

There are a number of sports clubs at The Triangle that are always on the lookout for new members.

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Other sports at The Triangle

We offer a wide range of other sports and activities at our centre, with courts and pitches available to hire by both members and non-members.

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