Jumping high

Defy gravity with one of our trampolining courses!

Bounce to new heights with one of our trampolining courses! Our courses are adaptive for all abilities. Trampolining helps children build strong, healthy muscles and bones, and increases flexibility, balance, and coordination as well as discipline, self-esteem, and social skills.

Our Trampolining courses follow British Gymnastics Trampoline Proficiency scheme with badges and certificates awarded as children progress through the levels.

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Graves Health & Sports Centre is also home to Sheffield Performance Trampoline & Gymnastics Club. The club was established in September 2019 and has already achieved outstanding results at regional, national and international level. The club is home to Bryony Page, Rio Olympic Silver medallist in 2016, World Champion in 2021 and European & World Cup champion for 2022.

The trampoline club is led by Paul Greaves, International & Master coach, Ralph Habgood, Josh Jones and Joanne Janes (Trampoline Development Officer).

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