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Places Wellness is located in Graves Health & Sports Centre and is perfect for anyone wanting more support when getting active.

Discover our 8-machine circuit that offers a bespoke health programme made for you, along with 1-to-1 support from our dedicated coaches. One session only takes 35 minutes, and you only need two sessions a week to start seeing results. 
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Who is Places Wellness Perfect for?

  • Older adults who want to get active again

  • People wanting more support and a programme perfect for them

  • A busy adult who wants a quick and effective workout - only 35 minutes.

  • Those who don't like the gyms, but want to get healthier.

Places Wellness Membership 

  • Places Wellness Standard Membership - £29.99

  • Places Wellness Bolt-on - £10 add-on for current Graves Members

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Places Wellness

Opening Times: 

Monday 07:30-13:00  - 16:30 -20:00   
Tuesday 07:30-14:00  - 16:30 -20:00
Wednesday 07:30-13:00  - 16:30 -20:00   
Thursday 07:30-14:00  - 16:30 -20:00
Friday 07:30-13:00  - 16:30 -20:00    
Saturday 08:00-13:00    
Sunday 08:00-13:00
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