Health and wellbeing

Improving my health

Our programmes support recovery, rehabilitation and your overall health and wellbeing. 


Exercise referral Scheme

Our exercise referral scheme lasts for 12 weeks and consists of 2 options, Gym and Classes.

You can be referred via your GP, consultant, physio or medical practitioner. For a self referral you will need to ask your GP to fill out a referral form.


There is a £15 admin fee, which covers your assessment/ program/ reassessment & final assessment.

Classes timetable:

Monday Cardiac phase IV circuit 13:00-14:00

Tuesday Cardiac rehab/ gentle cycle 11:45-12:25

Thursday Easy circuits ( suitable for cardiac /cancer rehab clients) 09:30

Friday Cardiac rehab circuit 12:00-13:00

Gentle cycle 15:30-16:15

Classes for exercise referral clients

To use the below community centre classes, clients need to pay a membership fee of £16, which runs from April-March. 

Walton Community centre:
  • Mondays at 10am - only 10 spaces
  • Mondays at 11am - only 10 spaces
  • Closed on Bank Holidays
  • Mondays at 14:30
  • Closed on Bank Holidays
Hersham community centre
  • Fridays at 10 am
  • Closed on Bank Holidays

For more information about attending one of these classes or sessions, please contact us on

01932 260300