Intensive Swimming Courses

Everything you need to know

Places Leisure is pleased to offer Intensive Swimming courses taking place over the school holidays - providing an opportunity for young swimmers of any level to get involved with swimming during their break from school.

Whether students are looking to progress from their current level or simply want to do something healthy and educational over the holidays, our Intensive Swimming courses allow children a taste of what our lessons have to offer.

What are Intensive Swimming courses?

Our Intensive Swimming courses provide a half an hour lesson each day. These take place over the holiday periods to allow our coaches to really focus on developing your child’s swimming ability over a short time with minimal distractions. Following the same syllabus as the Learn to Swim programme, these short courses will offer children the chance to progress at a faster rate and have a more solidified learning experience overall.

Who can do these courses?

Our centres offer a variety of different classes; from beginner classes for those who are yet to find their confidence in the water, to more advanced levels where children just need some extra attention to refine their skills.  Already on lessons?  Look for the Stage that matches the one your child swims in normally.  If you are completely new to lessons with no swimming experience pick a Stage 1.  Unsure what Stage to pick, just get in touch and our swim team can advise

Swimming lessons have been greatly impacted by the pandemic, with an incredibly high number of children having fallen behind their expected level of swimming. The importance of learning to swim is fundamental to developing potentially life-saving physical skills that will be utilised throughout a child’s life. The intensive courses offer a perfect opportunity to fast-track your child’s swimming ability whether they are struggling to move to the next level, looking to touch up on skills ahead of a special holiday or simply fancy giving swimming a go.


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