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Our centres provide lots of opportunities for making memories and moments that matter this summer and beyond. We're the place where you can feel confident and cared for - a place to feel the rush, take the plunge or simply take a break!

Getting active can help boost our immune system, elevate our mood and have an impact on our mental and physical health.

Swimming lessons at Places Leisure incorporate all of that with the additional benefit of learning a life saving skill!

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It begins as an important life skill, then turns into an activity that can be enjoyed throughout childhood and adult life that will be invaluable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Learning to swim also opens up a world of opportunities for other activities, from canoeing to scuba-diving and holidays by the pool!

There are many benefits of learning to swim at any age - here are just some of the reasons to learn with us: 

  • Our lessons are taught by fully qualified swim teachers who focus on the fundamentals of swimming in a positive, encouraging way. 
  • We are proud to follow but the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework for adults and children. Please click here for more information.
  • Our free Course Hub allows you to track progress against the key competencies for each stage. 
  • We promote quality not quantity and we recognise that everyone is an individual and may progress at different speeds, but when they do, your child's progress will be acknowledged with awards from the Swim England Awards Scheme. Please click here for more information.
  • Free swimming is available for all children on swimming lessons so that they can come swimming with you at other times to develop their confidence.
  • We offer an easy monthly Direct Debit payment scheme.

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