Adult swimming lessons

Thank you for learning to swim with us.

Learning to swim is a great experience for everyone and through increased knowledge you will not only learn a lifesaving skill but also be able to enjoy an activity throughout your adult life that will be invaluable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

All of our teachers are fully qualified

If you choose not to attend your lesson due to any reason (including illness); your payment will remain the same and you will not be refunded for the missed lesson.

Our adult lessons are split into 4 stages, whether you need to learn, you like, you love or you live for swimming.

Adult Beginner (Learn)

  • Adult beginner – water confidence
  • Adult beginner

Adult Improver (Like) – learning technique for your preferred stroke(s).

Adult Technique (Love) – refining technique

Adult Advanced (Live) – coaching to compete in triathlons, master swimming.

Should the alarm sound during the lessons, please remain calm as our staff are trained to deal with such emergencies. The teachers will ensure you are safe and will carry out the appropriate evacuation.

On-line access to monitor your performance and enable you to move on completion of each stage/level.

Once you have enrolled onto lessons:

  1. Click here where you will need to follow the steps for first time registration; you will need to have at hand YOUR (parent/guardian) membership number, date of birth and postcode.
  2. Once registered you will be able to clearly track your progress against key competencies and choose suitable days and times as you progress through stages and into new classes. 

What is SWIMTAG?

Do you want to monitor and track your progress, access aids and training tools, join challenges or compete with others? SWIMTAG, our wearable band lets you do all of this. You can also access our Rule the Pool competition, and on a weekly basis you can submit your fastest 400m, any stroke, during any public access sessions – with results uploaded every Sunday night.

Simply ask at reception to try SWIMTAG for FREE!

Before the lesson...
Ideally you shouldn’t have eaten in the half hour prior to the lesson. If you do need a snack then we would recommend a piece of fruit.

What to wear...
We highly recommend you purchase a well-fitting pair of goggles to ensure you get the most out of your swim. Wearing goggles allows you to focus on your technique without worrying about water splashing in your eyes! It also helps avoid irritation to the eyes, meaning you’ll be happy spending longer in the water. Getting the right pair of goggles is key, to avoid time wasted in the pool fiddling with straps or emptying out a leaky pair after every length! Please ask our reception team to help you find the perfect pair to fit your face, from our extensive range.

We also stock Zoggs swimwear - which is designed for swimming; meaning all our costumes enable maximum movement and are chlorine resistant. As well as being practical, our swimshapes range is designed to make you feel great on poolside and in the water - with added features such as bust support and tummy control. We even stock a chlorine-proof range for both Men and Women which has a lifetime guarantee against fading, bagginess and loss of shape. Please ask to see the Aqualast range at reception. 

On arrival...
We would recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your lesson and ensure you have the correct change for the locker as you will not be able to leave any belongings in the changing rooms. You will be able to bring your towel and a water bottle onto poolside with you if you wish to.

Continuous assessment
During the lesson the teacher uses the latest technology to update your progress against the key competencies for your level e.g. Travel on the back for 5 metres, aids or equipment may be used.