Adult & child swimming lessons

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Adult and baby swimming lessons

Starting swimming lessons from a young age has a whole range of benefits for your little one but also for you. 

We spoke to Ali Lamport one of our Area Swim Development Managers, about what you can expect from an adult and child swim lesson and the benefits that can arise.

"Our adult and child lessons encourage independent movements including reaching, splashing and kicking and also help with hand-eye coordination.  Each lesson encourages learning through fun and games with activities to inspire movement in a safe environment."

For everyone, swimming has many physical benefits, from building strength and endurance, to strengthening our lungs and heart. Our blog on swimming for physical health provides a deep dive into this.

Two Column Ali Lamport

Children and adults also benefit from the social aspect of swimming. Whether you’re a parent who wants to step into a new social circle with a child, or want to see your baby socialising, playing, and having a splash with other children, it helps to have a place where like-minded people can come together.

"One of the most important lessons to be learnt from swimming lessons is confidence in and around water.  This is something that children will carry with them all throughout life. The earlier they gain confidence in the water, the safer and less fearful they will be around water in the future. Learning to swim opens a new world of opportunities for water-related activities too, such as canoeing and scuba-diving!"

At Places Leisure, our fully qualified swim teachers are proud to follow Swim England’s Learn to Swim Programme, which focuses on the fundamentals of swimming in a fun, positive, and encouraging way.

Our free Course Hub also allows you to track progress against the key competencies for each stage, and move up when the criteria has been met.

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