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All you need to know about your course

Welcome to sports courses at Places Leisure!

Thanks for choosing sports courses with us - we’re proud to work with a number of National Governing Bodies including; British Gymnastics, Lawn Tennis Association, Badminton England and many more.

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Course Hub

First things first! Please make sure you're registered with an online account so that you can access Course Hub to track performance and move (where applicable) between stages/levels of the sports programme.

How to Register


In our Gymnastics and Trampolining classes our teachers use the latest technology to update your child’s progress throughout the lesson against the key competencies for the level e.g. can complete a forward roll. The devices you see them updating then feed through to the Course Portal so that you can track progress.

What to expect in lessons

Sports Course Checklist
  • Jewellery should be removed and hair tied back
  • Specialist equipment if necessary for the course i.e. Fencing
  • Named Water Bottle
  • £1/Padlock for lockers (your centre can advise you of which style of lockers they operate)
  • Socks for trampolining courses
Before you arrive

Most of our centres operate access control turnstiles that require a QR code/membership card to gain access.  If you are new to us you'll need to download our Places Locker App to access your digital membership card.  Simply create your online account as detailed above then download the app.  More details can be found on our Places Locker App page.

On arrival

Please arrive in good time for your lesson so that you are ready to start on time. Recent feedback from parents said they would recommend a 10-15 minutes to get children ready. If changing at site, please use the changing rooms but don’t leave any clothes or bags in them. Lockers are available for your convenience. Please ensure your child has visited the toilet before the start of their sports course.

What to wear?

Please wear appropriate sports clothing such as shorts, leggings, t shirt that do not have buttons, toggles, tassels or clothing with hoods. Socks must be worn for all Trampolining classes, children wont be allowed on the trampoline without them.

Before the start of the class

Please take your child, once they are ready for their lesson, to the designated ‘Drop off point’ and wait with them until collected by the Coach/ Teacher. From here their teacher will collect them and take the register.

During the lesson

Parents/guardians are requested to remain in the viewing areas throughout the duration of the lesson, unless accompanying your child in the class! Whilst watching your child please ensure any young children are kept a safe distance so as not to interrupt the class and under your constant supervision.

End of the lesson

Please be ready at the designated ‘pick up point’ at the end of the lesson where the teacher will bring your child once the lesson has finished.

Changing classes

There may be a number of reasons why the class you’ve selected for your child is not suitable. If the teacher thinks you/your child would better suited moving to another class, we will endeavour to find an alternative for your child. If this is not possible, we will cancel your membership and refund any money you have paid. When space becomes available you can make a new booking into the recommended class.

Cover Teachers

Sometimes we may need to have an alternate teacher for your child’s class due to annual leave or sickness. We provide our cover teachers with assessment data for your child prior to the lesson so they are fully aware of their ability and what they need to work on, as well as a scheme of work for each stage so they can easily pick up what needs to be covered that week. Any cover teachers are fully qualified and will record your child’s progress in their lesson.

School Holidays

Most of our lessons run throughout the school holidays with a 2 week break at Christmas. We will advise you by email each year of when this break is.

If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help.