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Chain Reaction course

Improve your mobility and stability with this 6 week training course.

On this course, you will be training the body in three available planes of motion, following 3D maps principles. In a small and supportive group, you will have a chance to progress at your own pace, focusing on your own strengths and weaknesses. Movements are aiming to increase joint range of motion using gravity, mostly in standing position.

The course is suitable for any fitness, age and ability. It is based on fact that we all need to move with ease before we start lifting weights and potentially increase existing dysfunction. You will also have an opportunity to develop a better understanding of how physical dysfunctions disrupt the chain reaction.

You will play with different positions, drivers (feet, legs, arms and eyes), directions, height, distance, load, rate and duration, in the studio environment. Your personal motivation will be the purpose of your movement/action. Everything you do on this course is based on real-life function and will give you the tools to move, heal, play and live better.

At the end of the course you will understand:
  • The meaning of functional training
  • How moving one body part affects the rest of the body
  • What is neuro-muscular training and how it can effectively be used to improve awareness of the body in space
  • How to improve your posture and avoid joint pain
  • What are 3D maps
  • Importance of mobility before stability can be achieved
  • Gaining confidence in your own body
  • £55 for non-members
  • £45 for members
Course Dates

This course will be running every Wednesday at 5pm from 2nd March - 6th April (6 weeks)

To book contact 01903 879 666