Active Reality at Parish Wharf Leisure Centre!

Join Active Reality at Parish Wharf Leisure Centre for an experience like no other...

What is Active Reality?

With Active Reality, full video game immersion is achieved, beyond virtual reality! Using our studios, Active Reality transform the space to something you have never seen before.

Active Reality use advanced technology and sensors in an ‘arena’ that allows you to move around as you would in ‘real life’. All experiences are multiplayer, so you and friends are in the same physical and virtual worlds. You are able to see your friends' avatars. You can all run, walk, jump and even 'high five' all in the virtual space.


How much is it?

Private play - book the whole arena 
45 mins - £120 
60 mins - £160
75 mins - £200
Open Play 
20 mins - £20 reduced to £10 per person


Who can play?

Some games are cartoon style and involve shooting or archery. However, Active Reality do have a zombie game which we suggest a minimum age of 10 years old. 

Open Plays attract a range of ages and are popular with children and adults who will be playing together, so we recommend a minimum age of 10 years old.

If you have younger children we recommend a Private Play booking which can facilitate from 6 years old upwards.

How can I book?

Simply visit the Active Reality website and pick a session for Parish Wharf Leisure Centre.

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