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We offer the following Language courses:

Language courses will be starting again in September 2021

Beginner: French/Spanish/Italian/German

This level is for complete beginners. The aim is to introduce the basic linguistic skills and background knowledge necessary for the student to communicate simply but effectively. The emphasis on listening and speaking. At the end of the year you should have achieved an elementary grasp of the language.

Improver: French/Spanish/Italian

This level assumes that students have a good understanding of the language and approximately two years of studying the language.

Intermediate: French/Spanish/Italian

This level assumes that the student has a good understanding of the language and has had approximately 2 years of studying the language recently. Also for those who have studied a language to a higher level in the past GCSE or even up to A/S but have forgotten a lot and they want to brush up their rusty language skills.

The aim is to consolidate the knowledge already learnt and to extend them. More detailed grammatical knowledge will be taught and a wider vocabulary will be used. Students will be encouraged to develop writing skills, and to gain a proficiency in both listening and reading skills.

Advanced: French/Spanish/Italian

This course is for students with a good knowledge of the language and who want to improve on how to express themselves on a wide range of topics. Structures and grammar points will be revised according to need. By the end of the year the student should be able to express themselves in everyday situations, in a comprehensible and appropriate form.

Language Summer Courses

French Intermediate

This short course is suitable for students who have completed a Beginner course, or for those with a basic competency in the language. Come and expand your vocabulary and develop a better grasp of the grammar.

French Conversation

Improve, refresh and practice your spoken French. This class will cover a wide variety of topics and subjects giving the perfect opportunity to try out your language skills!

Italian Conversation Beginner/Intermediate

For those who have a basic level of Italian. Brush up for your holidays, for revision or just for fun!

Italian Conversation Advanced

Improve or refresh your spoken Italian and gain insight into the culture and contemporary life of the country!

Spanish Conversation Beginner/Intermediate

This class will practice conversation on topics which utilise the main tenses (present, past, future, imperfect, conditional, etc). Students will have the opportunity to talk about past events, future plans and daily matters.

Spanish Conversation Advanced

This class will focus on conversation about current affairs issues. Students will be encouraged to express their ideas and opinions on the matters, as well as giving an answer to some of the problems. A wide range of topics will be covered, using a large vocabulary and complex grammatical structures.