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We offer the following Craft courses in 2022 and 2023


Making Clothes

This course is designed for students to use commercial patterns and adapt them to fit. All the basic techniques of dressmaking are taught with students being given some individual attention. If you are a beginner then the first class should be used for consulting the tutor on choice of pattern, fabric and equipment needed.

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Get to know your sewing machine

Single taster sessions available in December and April to allow you to get to know your sewing machine with guidance from one of our tutors.

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Patchworking and Quilting

Join a friendly group while learning the skills and techniques of making beautiful patchwork quilts for your family, home and friends. We will cover colour and design techniques, fabric choice, and cutting, piecing, quilting and finishing techniques using both hand and machine, all at your own pace. Your teacher, Anna, has many years of teaching experience and will nurture your skills and help you achieve more than you hoped. 

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Be part of our friendly, relaxing class and enjoy learning to write a number of scripts. Calligraphy is a low-cost craft and ranges from simple texts to more complicated decorative design pieces and family trees. Everyone works at their own pace with tutor, Richard who is a professional calligrapher. First time students receive an introduction to the background of calligraphy, the tools and their use while those attending for their second / third term usually wish to begin more complex pieces using scripts learnt and sometimes gilding. Regular students like to discuss and plan their own term’s project with the tutor. Left handers are welcome and taster sessions are available.

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Flower Arranging courses

Simple ideas for a variety of occasions, dinner parties, presents etc. Suitable for beginners to intermediates. Students will need to bring their own equipment, such as flowers. The first class will be a demonstration and will cover technique and advice on choice of materials.

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Upcycling Clothes

If you’ve stopped wearing something but haven’t moved it on, chances are it's something you don’t really want to get rid of. What can you do with it instead? Perhaps it can be mended, altered, or turned into something else? Bring along a few items and find out what you can do with them and then have fun upcycling them with support over the next few weeks. Your tutor is an experienced dressmaker and quilter and all-round textile craft enthusiast and is happy to encourage and support your own ideas as well as offer their own.

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Creative Sewing

Creative Sewing classes to broaden your horizons and improve your skills. Help your ideas materialise using fabric and thread for; costumes, wall hangings or that handmade gift for a special someone.


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