Art courses

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We offer the following art courses:

Portrait Drawing and Painting

This course is for all levels, from beginner to experienced. The classes consist of building a portrait through keen observation, constructing the forms of the head, neck and shoulders within the disciplines of line, tone, shapes and colour.

General Painting and Drawing

Any medium – oil, watercolour, pastel, pencil, pen and wash. Any subject, instruction on perspective, colour theory and composition.

Watercolour Workshop (Beginners)

A general class to give an introduction to the basic aspects of drawing and painting. Guidance is given on how to draw and where to start with watercolour painting. You will be taken step by step through the use of colour and the various effects that can be used to bring your painting alive! Different subject matters are looked at including landscape, portrait and still life.

Watercolour Workshop (All Levels)

Using a variety of subjects (landscapes, still life, architecture and more), develop your drawing and watercolour techniques. You will experiment with colour washes, tone, colour combinations and other special techniques to create outstanding artwork. Suitable for all levels, but assumes some prior experience of painting.

Watercolour Workshops (Alternate Saturdays)

This is a very stimulating, but also very friendly class, that invites all levels of expertise from beginners onwards. During the year we attempt to cover whole range of subjects from still life and portraiture in the studio, to landscape painting, which we try to arrange out of doors (weather permitting). It is an ideal class for those who want to enjoy this lovely medium, but who just don’t have the time during the week.

Life Drawing and Painting

Working from a model, try a variety of innovative approaches aimed at improving observational skills and extending knowledge of techniques. There will be a range of long & short poses.

Oil and Acrylic Painting

This class in the main is run as an open workshop. Some of the students are relatively new to art practice, others are more experienced. Usually, the less experienced student will follow the brief that the tutor introduces at the beginning of each term. The main emphasis is on drawing from observation to begin with, to enable the student to explore shape, form, space, pattern, tonal relationships, composition etc. Other visual sources such as photographs can be used in conjunction with drawing, to help build a wider visual vocabulary and enable the student to progress when making paintings. The more experienced students can explore the possibilities of the brief introduced by the tutor or progress along their own lines and interests. In these cases, the tutor will give tuition and guidance when needed or asked for. Exploring other artists work, traditional and contemporary is also part of the students learning on the course.