Wellness suite at Spinnaker View

Helping you stay active

Welcome to Spinnaker View

We have partnered up with Places for People Living Plus with the development of our brand new wellness suite opening at Spinnaker View, our Retirement Living service in Gosport.

Suitable for over 50's and those with limited mobility, our wellness suite offers state of the art safe exercise equipment that helps you stay active and support your overall wellbeing. 

Spinnaker View consists of 60 affordable rental one and two-bedroom apartments for people aged 55 and over with care and support needs.

Within Spinnaker View is our wellness suite, designed to be a safe, comfortable and social environment for older exercisers, those with long term conditions and those intimidated by a traditional gym environment.

Two Column Spinnaker View

What does the wellness suite include?

The range of equipment we provide is electronically powered, which means you can use them at the pace and experience level that you would like to help improve your physical fitness and reduce the risk of injury.

Equipment includes:

  • Seated climber 
  • Seated tricep dip and leg curl
  • Seated cross cycle 
  • Seated fly and thighs
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By using our state of the art equipment, you can improve on your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, balance and physical and mental wellbeing.


Customers of Spinnaker View can access our facilities for free. Non-customers can either access our suite on a monthly membership or pay per casual session. 

Monthly membership fee: £20 
Per session: £3.85
Wellbeing membership at Gosport Leisure Centre: £29 per month 

The wellbeing membership includes: 

  • Lane Swimming Sessions
  • Spinnaker View-Wellbeing Suite
  • Health Suite
  • Low impact classes - Easy Aquafit, Smart Hearts and low impact circuits only.
  • Forever active mornings - Monday & Thursdays 9.00am - 12.00pm


Spinnaker View
Willis Road
PO12 1NA 

Are you interested? Please get in touch with us on 02392 534 950 or email us at enquiries@gosportleisurecentre.co.uk